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IFConsultant is a financial advisory firm focused on providing innovative solutions for small and middle-sized Brazilian corporates in the areas of M&A, restructuring, fundraising and Asset Management.

IFConsultant was founded at the end of 2002 by Eurico D’Amorim, José Zanus and Sven Olsson.

IFConsultant’s partners have over 50 years of experience in the Brazilian financial markets, having worked on some of the market’s largest corporate finance, trade finance, capital markets and treasury transactions.

IFConsultant has a strong track record in advising Brazilian corporates mainly in the commodities sector on innovative fundraising strategies, which has enabled its clients to become leaders in their respective sectors. Since 2002, IFConsultant has raised over US$2 billion for its clients in debt and equity.

IFConsultant has built strong distribution for its structured corporate finance solutions to a large international investor base through its Miami office.



The IF Consultant Asset Management Gestora de Recursos Ltda. is an independent asset management company approved by Act N. 10,816 on January 15, 2010 by the CVM published in the Diario Oficial da União.

The firm was set up to structure customized investment strategies for its customers according to their risk profiles.

The asset management company offers structures such as Exclusive Funds, in equity and fixed income, FIDCs, Private Equity Funds, “Fundos Multimercado” , Equity and Fixed Income Funds .

IF Asset Management’s strategy is to focus mainly on investing in corporate distressed bank loans, which is compatible with the credit background of its principals.

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Formulário de Referência – versão Agosto 2017



Venture Capital

IFConsultant has a Portfolio of proprietary investments, thus far mostly focused on patents in the Oil&Gas industry.


IFConsultant has built a strong expertise in advising corporate clients and investors in distressed situations, especially since the 2009 crisis. For corporate clients, IFConsultant has provided a wide array of services, such as raising new debt. On the investor side, IFConsultant’s presence in Brazil has been instrumental in recuperating the highest value of its clients' exposures in the country.

Private Equity

IFConsultant has a track record of advising Brazilian corporate clients on fundraising from Private Equity firms. These equity injections enable IFConsultant’s clients to achieve higher growth rates and prepare them for their IPOs.


Given its broad knowledge of the Brazilian corporate markets, IFConsultant is extremely active as an advisor for Mergers and Acquistions transactions for middle-market Brazilian corporates.

Corporate Finance

IFConsultant’s partners have strong Corporate Finance backgrounds and based on their experience have continuously innovated structures for their clients with equity and debt solutions.

Structured Financing

Given IFConsultant’s partners' strong credit expertise and broad investor base, IFConsultant is able to structure the most appropriate financing solution for each specific project. IFConsultant has structures to finance CAPEX, Working Capital, Acquisitions and Trade.

IF Consultant


May 13,
Isto é Dinheiro  - Os compradores de encrencas

Isto é Dinheiro - Os compradores de encrencas

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Oppenheimer to Sell Slaughterhouse in Brazil

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Sep 19,
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Sep 19,
G1 - JBS pode perder direito em unidade arrendada da Doux Frangosul

G1 - JBS pode perder direito em unidade arrendada da Doux Frangosul

São Paulo, 19 - A JBS pode perder o direito de utilizar as instalações arrendadas da Doux Frangosul, em Passo Fundo (RS), que são objeto de disputa entre os antigos donos, a companhia brasileira e o fundo norte-americano Oppenheimer.

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Eurico D’Amorim


Mr. D’Amorim started his career in the Oil & Gas industry in 1993 at Exxon. In 1997 he left Exxon to pursue an MBA in the US. Mr. D’Amorim joined Citibank São Paulo in 1999 covering the Telecommunications & Media sector. In June 2002 he joined GDK Engenharia as CFO and to set-up an Oil&Gas Project Finance Business platform for the Company and In September 2002 Mr. D’Amorim founded IFConsultant focused on Project Finance (Oil & Gas and Telecom), Alternative Fundraising, exposure management and financial arbitrage.
Under IFConsultant mandates, Mr. D’Amorim acted as Board Member to companies in turnaround phases.

He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UFRJ, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, an MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School at Columbia University, New York and he is authorized by CVM to act as Portfolio Manager in Brazil.

Jose Zanus


Mr. Jose Zanus joined Citibank in 1985 in Porto Alegre/RS focusing mainly on regional conglomerates. In May 1992 he joined ING Barings with responsibility for the Corporate Bank South Region.
Mr. Jose Zanus returned to Citicorp in 1996 leading the Brazilian Conglomerates division. In April 2003, he joined IFConsultant to focus on advisory services for restructurings, acquisitions, exposure management, derivatives and fundraising.
Mr Zanus has a B.A. Agronomic Engineering from Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and attended various courses in business and finance in Brazil and abroad sponsored by Citibank and ING Barings.

Sven Olsson


Mr. Olsson joined Citibank in 1990 as a management associate in New York in the corporate bank. At the end of 1990, he was transferred to Citibank’s Brazilian subsidiary where he spent 13 years in various corporate banking functions such as trade finance, corporate finance and relationship management. In his last position at Citibank Mr. Olsson was the head of the Telecom and Media Team in the corporate bank from 1999 to 2003.
In March 2003 he joined IFConsultant to focus on advisory services for equity and debt fundraising.
Mr. Olsson holds a BS in Accountancy from Bentley College and an MBA/MA from Wharton/University of Pennsylvania.

Brazil Office

Rua Casa do Ator, 1117 – Cj. 112 – Ed. The TAJ Office Tower Vila Olímpia
CEP 04546-004 – São Paulo – SP

Telephone Numbers

José Zanus (55 11) 3637. 9962
Eurico D’Amorim (55 11) 3637. 9963
Sven Olsson (55 11) 3637. 9964
Facsimile (55 11) 3637. 9965

United States

12438 Emerald Creek Manor
Plantation, FL 33325
Tel. 954 529 6473

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